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Pharmacy Cleanroom Supply specializes in the filtration of sterile injectable drugs mainly in the compounding and outsourcing arenas. We help your facilities better understand the realm of filtration and how to scale up in the most cost effective, efficient and compliant manner per USP and FDA guidelines from start to finish. Furthermore, Pharmacy Cleanroom Supply is a full line and innovative distributor of USP <797> , <71> and  <800> products,  including all cleanroom products. For example; wipers, cleanroom apparel, filtration products, disinfectants, sterile (ready to use) vials, packaging, and many other options. We are your one stop shop for all your cleanroom needs. Help us help you lower cost, become more efficient and compliant all while dealing with a staff that prides themselves on customer service and technical expertise in a multitude of disciplines.


Our Goal is to offer the best quality products at the best price possible, all while providing world class personal service to our customers. Although offering great pricing is one aspect, we believe that price isn't everything. Price sometimes devalues quality and we believe in providing quality products and quality knowledge. We are specialist in our product offerings and want to bring value added services to our customers by providing relatable industry knowledge on multiple modalities across the industry. Let us answer any questions you might have today. 

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