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AutoFil PP Funnel

  • Bottle Top Filters Designed For Solvent Filtration in Analytical Applications to Obtain Sterilized or Purified Extracts
  • Great For Medium Volumes, Cell Culture Media and HPLC Solutions
  • Worlds First Single Piece Polypropylene Funnel, Designed to Withstand the Harshest of Solvents that Would Normally Degrade Traditional Bottle-Top Filter Assemblies
  • All Active Components are FDA-Grade which Makes Autofil® PP Perfect for the Extraction of Compounds Used in the Food and Drug Industries
  • Designed to Conveniently Fit on Top of Most Laboratory Bottles with a GL45 Thread
  • Available in Three Different Types of Membranes: PES, Nylon, and PTFE
  • Avialable in two Different Pore Sizes: 0.2μm, or 0.45μm
  • Available in two Different Funnel Sizes: 500ml and 1000ml 
  • USP Class VI Grade Plastics
  • Manufactured in an ISO 13485 Cleanroom in the US
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