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PCS-Ticker Dispensing Unit

  • This one-of-a-kind topical hormone applicator delivers precise dosages of cream or gel preparations with the highest accuracy around the globe!  The PCSTicker is used primarily to dispense topical bioidentical hormone therapy through custom compounding pharmacies internationally.  The PCSTicker is easy to use, (i.e. 1-Click= 0.05g;  5-Clicks= 0.25g), environmentally friendly, and patient compliant.
  • The PCSTicker topical dispenser utilizes a unique, click-to-piston patented technology; which makes it easy for patients to visually "see" and audibly "hear" their exact dosages of transdermal hormone therapy being dispensed with just the turn of the dial. The result, accurate, precise, and flexible dosing capabilities – as little as 0.05g of medicament delivery per each CLICK.
  • Compact in size, sustainable and label-smart, the PCSTicker topical dispenser is patient and pharmacy friendly, increasing compliance on both ends of the medication delivery spectrum. The PCSTicker is available in seven different colors to assist with differentiating multiple prescriptions.
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  • One complete turn (360˚) = 1.01mL*
  • Recycle Code #5; (Reference your pharmacy board to verify if you are allowed to recycle prescription drug containers)
  • FDA medical grade polypropylene material, UVA/UVB protection coat
  • Single use only
  • Holds up to 37mL** of cream-base medicament
  • Each CLICK (18˚) delivers 1/20th of a gram*; (0.05mL*)
  • Five CLICKs (”5 Clicks”) deliver 0.25mL*

Additional Information

20-CLICKS PER 360-DEGREES REVOLUTION [1-CLICK = 0.05ML, 2-CLICKS = 0.10ML, 3-CLICKS = 0.15ML, 4-CLICKS = 0.20ML, 5-CLICKS = 0.25ML, 6-CLICKS = 0.30ML, 7-CLICKS = 0.35ML, 8-CLICK = 0.40ML, 9-CLICKS = 0.45ML, 10-CLICKS = 0.50ML, 11-CLICKS = 0.55ML, 12-CLICKS = 0.60ML, 13-CLICKS = 0.65ML, 14-CLICKS = 0.70ML,15-CLICK = 0.75ML, 16-CLICKS = 0.80ML, 17-CLICKS = 0.85ML, 18-CLICKS = 0.90ML, 19-CLICKS = 0.95ML, 20-CLICKS = 1.0ML]* *[Note: Volumetric output is density dependent in accordance to the product contained. Pressure differences may also influence volumetric output. We advise your company to conduct your own tests to determine the output of the product you wish to include prior to dispensing. Our tests were conducted with Medisca HRT and Humco HRT Base heavy cream].


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