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SatWipes 100% MPK

  •                          BENEFITS
  • Consists of Nonwoven Presaturated Wipes Dispensed from a Center Pull Roll in a Reusable Canister
  • SatWipes are Aerospace Approved
  • Solvent Specific Color Coded Labeling for Accuracy 
  • Increases Solvent Control and Accountability
  • Increases Worker and Environmental Safety
  • Increases Convenience
  • Greatly Reduces Solvent (VOC) Emissions
  • Standardizes Your Process
  •                      APPLICATIONS
  • Cleaning Surfaces Prior to Application of Polysulfide Sealants
  • Cleaning Surfaces Prior to Bonding and Adhesive Applications
  • Perfect for Use in Smaller, Confined Work Areas, Since SatWipes are Convenient to Handle and Reduce Solvent Exposure
  • Ideal for General Maintenance, Field Service and Repair Jobs
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