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TechniSat PreSaturated Sterile Wipers

  • Sterile TechniSat is constructed from a hydroentangled polyester/ cellulose blend that is pre-wetted with 70% isopropyl alcohol and packaged in a resealable flexpack. Each package is gamma irradiated to 10–6 Sterility Assurance Level.
  • Sterile TechniSat is used for alcohol wiping in sterile environments in pharmaceutical aseptic fill areas, biotechnology manufacturing facilities, microbiological laboratories, sterile suites and prep rooms.
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Gamma irradiated to 10–6 Sterility Assurance Level, according to  AAMI Guidelines ensures sterility, Lot-specific information simplifies record keeping: 7
Certificate of Irradiation confirms radiation dosage, Certification of Compliance, and Expiration date marked on each package, Pre-wetted with 70% isopropyl alcohol/30% deionized water, filtered through a 0.2µm filter, Binder-free, hydroentangled polyester/cellulose substrate, Independent quality control audits for sterility assurance.


Optimizes solution usage and reduces spill potential, Eliminates problems associated with filtration, sterilization and  mixing of alcohol and DI water, Packaging permits alcohol wipedown of exterior bag before introduction into sterile suites, Offers low levels of solvent extractables and particle generation.